HemaControl | Inventory Management

The right inventories of the right products, at the right time

HemaControl is the first product ever to merge information needed for demand planning with that of collections planning. The end result is real-time inventory management. This product literally enables you to point-and-click your way towards meeting your inventory needs.

Never before has a product brought together essential information from key data sources, such as:

  • BECS (Blood Establishment Computer System)
  • mobile drive and staffing management systems
  • hospital orders
  • ongoing donor recruitment activities

For the first time in our industry, you finally have:

  • a 360-degree view of your demand needs, inventory levels and upcoming collection goals
  • tools for demand and collections planning
  • real-time data to help manage platelet outdates
  • inventory smoothing

In short, you collect what you need, when you need it, and at the right cost (dramatically reducing outdates).

An attractive option within HemaControl is the online product ordering module for hospitals. This allows hospitals to order blood products online and track them through the entire process - all through an automated system that replaces manual workload. HemaControl is the innovative solution that responds to the needs of our industry. Contact us for a demonstration, while there is still space available.

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