HemaTerra works with organizations that collect blood, plasma and other biologics in the United States and other countries. Integrated systems built by HemaTerra reflect the goals and strategies of our client partners and provide them with a clear view of their supply chain. Collaborations with clients, strategic partners, and other industry leaders have helped provide the framework of our systems and will continue to be the impetus for future innovations.

HemaTerra invests in software to ensure that the needs of our clients are met through more features, more integration and less cost. HemaTerra supports our industry through event sponsorships, educational forums and brainstorming sessions.

HemaTerra also holds users conferences that focus on a particular system or combination of systems to make certain our clients get the most from our software, learn best practices, and gain insight on industry trends. They are opportunities for our clients to provide input on their software needs and how HemaTerra can best implement them in new features or future system releases.

HemaComply–Lab Software Supports 7-Day Platelets

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, supports organizations with tools to manage the process required for extending platelets to 7 days and detecting bacterial...

HemaTerra Supports Blood Centers of America Members with Savings On HemaTerra Products

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, is pleased to support Blood Centers of America and BCA members with lower costs and greater...