About Us

HemaTerra Technologies is a leading software provider to organizations that collect blood, plasma, platelets and other biologics. Our investment in software gives organizations more features and integration at less cost so they can advance their strategy. HemaTerra’s reputation is based on a solid foundation of innovative systems, including HemaControl for hospital order entry and inventory management; HemaComply–Lab Manager for product QC; HemaComply–Equipment Manager for asset maintenance; and HemaConnect for donor recruitment and engagement.

All of our systems integrate with each other to provide organizations with a broad view of their supply chain. Data from hospital order entry, demand planning, current inventory, product quality control, equipment maintenance, and donor recruitment is brought into view for complete supply chain management. Changes in one department can impact the needs of other departments.

HemaTerra systems are easy to implement and affordable. They are also very scalable – from streamlining operations at a single location to spanning across the real-time activities of several donor centers and states, regions, divisions and time zones. Our systems enable organizations to respond nimbly to the needs of their supply chain and help teams work more collaboratively to support organizational goals.

Kansas City Is Second Location To Go Live On New York Blood Center’s CRM Enterprise

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, announces New York Blood Center is live on the HemaConnect enterprise solution at both its New York and Kansas City locations...

HemaComply–Lab Software Supports 7-Day Platelets

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, supports organizations with tools to manage the process required for extending platelets to 7 days and detecting bacterial...