Never before have organizations been so challenged by the many types of devices people use. Each person typically uses more than one type of device. HemaTerra addresses the use of multiple devices in every system we build so they work reliably on any device and from any location. We use the latest knowledge and requirements to ensure that resources are available to staff and services are available to donors on whatever device they choose to use.

HemaTerra’s mobile tie-ins and native mobile app enable organizations to move in real time and keep pace with activity along their supply chain. Essential data from all sources is literally at the fingertips of those who need to respond nimbly to change – from a desk, tablet or smartphone. Smart tools make it easy to hone important information, such as hospital orders, recruitment and platelet qualification.

HemaTerra’s mobile options tap into the mobile behavior of today:

  • Donor and Coordinator Portals offer round-the-clock access to features that connect your organization to important groups.
  • Smartphone-friendly mobile views provide access to critical information from any location or on any device.
  • Fully featured native mobile app is the key to essential resources and information. The app is compatible on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and others), branded to your organization, and equipped with messaging notifications.

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