New York Blood Center Selects HemaTerra’s Enterprise Donor Recruitment CRM

April 25, 2018
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, has been selected by New York Blood Center for its enterprise HemaConnect CRM and integrated communication solutions. NYBC is one of the largest independent community-based blood centers in the world with affiliates including the Community Blood Center of Kansas City, Memorial Blood Centers, Nebraska Community Blood Bank, Blood Bank of Delmarva, and Rhode Island Blood Center. NYBC can reinforce its recruitment strategy using HemaConnect across the entire enterprise and manage more nimbly within a centralized CRM.

Harvey Schaffler, NYBC Senior Executive Director, Donor Marketing said, “HemaConnect will help strengthen our ties to our affiliates and manage recruitment in total within a single system. This CRM provides the flexibility to implement tactics quickly and measure the impact of each shift in real time across the entire system, regardless of location or time zone.”

HemaConnect enables blood centers to manage recruitment strategies across donor centers, states, divisions, regions and time zones. The CRM ties in a robust VoIP dialer, text messaging, cloud calls, and a native mobile app. HemaConnect is the only system that can provide vital recruitment data for true supply chain management with hospital order entry, demand planning, inventory, product quality control and equipment maintenance.

“Centralizing recruitment activity across multiple divisions, regions, centers and time zones is what HemaConnect was designed to do,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra. “We welcome this opportunity to partner with New York Blood Center and together, bring even more innovation to the CRM.”

HemaTerra To Host Largest-Ever HemaConnect Users Conference During ADRP Week

April 5, 2018
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities will hold its largest HemaConnect Users Conference on May 8 in Dallas, Texas. Donor recruitment, marketing and analytics professionals from around the world will attend to learn the latest trends and donor recruitment strategies from respected leaders. Conference presentations will highlight the benefits of using best practices, donor metrics, artificial intelligence, and other innovations to bolster recruitment activities. The popular “roadmap” session will provide partners the opportunity to suggest and rank features to be included in the next product release. The users conference will be held in conjunction with the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) Conference.

“Our annual users conference is an opportunity for us to further connect with our partners and learn more from them,” said Mike Deming, Vice President of Client Services for HemaTerra. “Through face-to-face discussions, we can better understand industry needs, as well as their timeline, so we invest in our products wisely and at the right time.”

A users conference focused on each HemaTerra product is held to educate partners on the use of advanced features and how to get the most from them. These conferences also enable partners to contribute to the future direction of our software products. In 2017, HemaTerra software processed more than 35 million donations, 88 million products, and millions of hospital orders and equipment maintenance plans, in addition to 120 million cloud calls, text messages and emails.

HemaTerra Announces Industry First:  Integrated, Intelligent Text Messaging

March 14, 2018
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, is empowering HemaConnect CRM users with next generation text messaging features to energize donor communications and increase collections. Leveraging the power and knowledge of an all-in-one CRM, these enhancements bring donor behavior, motivations, and preferences down to the individual level for ultra-personalized outreach. The new text messaging tools will help blood and plasma centers drive donations in innovative ways and communicate with donors at the right time for getting the products they need. Automatic conversations will guide donors to the best opportunities and increase appointment show rates, and intelligent delivery will put messages in front of donors at the optimal time for reduced unsubscribes and maximized engagement.

“Our text messaging features are guided by the needs of our customers and the experience of their donors, said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra. “Smart texting and intelligent delivery are vital to enhancing the donor experience. As text-messaging communications become more sophisticated, we will continue to evolve and innovate to give our partners better, smarter tools in every new release.”

Spearheading HemaTerra’s integrated text-messaging platform are longtime HemaConnect users Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and LifeStream. Theresa Pina, Vice President of Operations for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, said, “We look forward to the donor behavior metrics and refined communications this integrated platform will bring. To follow the donor’s journey and enhance their interactions with our blood center through learned behavior and dynamic communications is what we have been hoping for.”

“We’re excited to partner with HemaTerra to launch these new tools,” said Valerie Coffin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for LifeStream. “Having a single source for our messaging means the integrations with the rest of our communication strategy go much deeper than any other service could.”

National Blood Collaborative Selects HemaTerra For Enterprise Software Solution

January 11, 2018
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, announces that the National Blood Collaborative has secured national pricing on HemaTerra’s suite of supply chain management software for its alliance members. National pricing gives individual members more affordable access to enterprise software that integrates and manages activities across all departments – hospital order entry, inventory management, product quality control, equipment management and donor recruitment.

NBC members include the San Diego Blood Bank, LifeServe Blood Center, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, Kentucky Blood Center, Community Blood Center of the Carolinas, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, and Stanford Blood Center. NBC collects, processes and distributes approximately one million blood components each year and serves hospitals in 35 states with licensure to expand. “NBC welcomes the opportunity to bring innovations to the alliance that will help our members deliver scale, service and savings to hospital partners,” said Wendy Trivisonno, President of the National Blood Collaborative. “Providing our members with important information, based on location, region, alliance and time zone, will be an immeasurable benefit in meeting their goals.”

HemaTerra’s integrated systems connect multi-departmental data for better management of operational areas, the entire supply chain, as well as an alliance of several organizations. Included in the NBC national pricing program is HemaControl – hospital order entry and inventory management; HemaComply – Quality Control; HemaComply – Equipment Manager; and HemaConnect – donor recruitment CRM; Native Mobile App in iOS and Android as well as HemaConnect’s VoIP Dialer. Recent advances include: rare donor and antigen-negative inventory, HemaConnect FrontDesk, pathogen reduction, reagent QC and testing, as well as donor conversion and mobile app tie-in.

“We are pleased to provide NBC with systems that will help its alliance execute their broad-scale network and fulfill the needs of their hospital partners around the country,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra. “Underpinning the goals of NBC with integrated solutions and helping the alliance to manage a broad supply chain is something we look forward to.”

HemaTerra Supercharges Text Messaging with Intelligent Learning, Full CRM Power

December 15, 2017
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, bolsters its already powerful HemaConnect donor recruitment CRM with an enhanced text messaging platform. HemaConnect will engage donors with intelligent learning, dynamic text messaging, graphic features, and smart automation - all at a 1.5¢ text rate. It will support smart conversations with donors. It will enable donors to text their zip code for an instant response containing mobile drive opportunities in their area. HemaConnect will also offer a dedicated and easy-to-remember 999777 vanity code. Through every interaction, HemaConnect will capture intelligence and use it to enrich future text messages. Donors' behavior, their preferences, and what motivates them to donate will be tracked and displayed in a smart dashboard, along with other key metrics. HemaConnect will make measuring the success of text messaging programs easy and ensure better recruitment outcomes.

The HemaConnect enhanced text messaging platform brings intelligent learning, affordable texting rates, and the power of a fully integrated CRM together for greater donor engagement. HemaConnect centralizes information and strengthens the quality of interactions with donors across all areas - campaigns, recurring recruitment, telerecruitment, enlistment, account reps, donor and coordinator portals, and all associated smartphone apps. Having anything short of centralized donor information hinders the ability of blood and plasma centers to refine their recruitment plans and collect the right product at the right time.

"Engaging donors and creating an affordable solution that learns from them is important to our customers" said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra. "We listened to them. We are enhancing HemaConnect to capture intelligence from donor text messages but we are also aggregating it with metrics from cloud calls, telerecruitment, emails and direct mail, so our customers will have a deeper understanding of their donors. Only then, and with the full power of the CRM, can donor engagement be achieved and recruitment outcomes be improved."

OneBlood Implements Systemwide HemaConnect CRM in 120 days

Integration of native mobile app and telecruitment dialer tackles multiple centers, states, regions, divisions and time zones.
August 22, 2017
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, announces that OneBlood has launched the enterprise version of HemaConnect and the integrated VoIP dialer and native mobile app for donor engagement activities. The HemaConnect donor recruitment CRM now spans OneBlood’s operations across donor centers, states, regions, divisions and time zones.

HemaConnect is the industry’s preferred donor recruitment CRM, processing nearly 74 million products and 31 million donations last year. HemaConnect ties in a robust VoIP dialer and native mobile app, and is the only system that can provide vital recruitment data for true supply chain management. Used with other HemaTerra systems, HemaConnect integrates for complete supply chain management with hospital order entry, demand planning, inventory, product quality control and equipment maintenance.

OneBlood is one of the largest blood centers in the United States. The organization serves more than 200 hospital partners throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Lance Reed, COO of OneBlood, said, “We are very pleased with the quick and seamless implementation of HemaConnect, especially since it was an enterprise-wide product that impacts several of our departments. To be effective, donor recruitment and engagement must be specific to the needs of our industry and the mobile behavior of our donors. HemaConnect is the only system that addresses these critical needs.”

“We are proud to have earned the trust of such a respected and prominent industry leader,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of HemaTerra. “Our goal of advancing technology applications and investing in software that helps blood and plasma collectors will be enhanced through our service to OneBlood.”

About HemaTerra HemaTerra Technologies builds software systems exclusively for organizations that collect blood, plasma, platelets and other biologics. HemaTerra software connects data from key operational areas for complete supply chain management, and provides more features and more integration at less cost.

Record-setting Adoption of First-ever Integrated Equipment Manager

July 24, 2017
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, announces that HemaComply–Equipment Manager is its fastest-growing system to date. HemaComply–Equipment Manager was released in 2016 to address the high-volume needs of daily QC, equipment preventative maintenance, and asset calibration. Development partners and early adopters are already reaping the value of this easily implementable system. Quick start-up, reliability and affordability add to its appeal.

HemaComply–Equipment Manager addresses the full spectrum of equipment and asset maintenance needs. The system ensures that schedules are met, alerts are addressed, and that an organization is in compliance. It also shares important information that impacts operational areas through the integration of other HemaTerra systems. Donor recruitment, hospital order entry, inventory management, and product quality control can be integrated so assets being removed from service are implemented fully across a supply chain.

Industry partners and the need to connect inter-departmental data guided the design, development and support of HemaTerra systems. Recent advances include: rare donor and antigen-negative inventory, HemaConnect FrontDesk, pathogen reduction, reagent QC and testing, as well as donor conversion and mobile app tie-in.

HemaTerra is the only software provider to integrate the results of daily QC testing, preventative equipment maintenance tasks, and asset calibrations with other key operational areas of organizations. “Sharing the results of important actions throughout the supply chain is the only way to maintain fluidity and adaptability in operations, and control overall costs,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra.

Growth in Sales Reflects The Industry's Demand For Integrated Software Systems

May 16, 2017
HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, hospitals and medical facilities that collect blood products and other biologics, announces a continued demand for integrated systems. Reporting growth in new sales and client signings, HemaTerra recognizes a strong demand in the industry for software that integrates the entire supply chain.

In just a few months, HemaTerra sold 32 products to hospitals and blood centers, including one of the world’s largest blood centers. The total number of products – red cell, platelet and plasma – managed annually by HemaTerra software is now approximately 80 million.

The driving force behind HemaTerra’s growth is a strong foundation of integrated systems, including: HemaControl – hospital order entry and inventory management; HemaComply – Quality Control; HemaComply – Equipment Manager; and HemaConnect – donor recruitment CRM. These integrated systems connect multi-departmental data for better management of operational areas, the entire supply chain, as well as an alliance of several organizations.

Industry partners and the need to connect inter-departmental data guided the design, development and support of HemaTerra systems. Recent advances include: rare donor and antigen-negative inventory, HemaConnect FrontDesk, pathogen reduction, reagent QC and testing, as well as donor conversion and mobile app tie-in.

The industry is selecting HemaTerra for three primary reasons: solid products, continuous investment, and great customer service. Other new releases to continue its momentum are underway and will be announced.

Rare Blood Breakthrough... HemaControl and HemaConnect

April 12, 2017
HemaTerra Technologies has expanded the connection of data between hospital order entry, inventory, and recruitment to provide blood centers with greater efficiencies that will benefit patients in need of rare blood units. By using the integrated power of HemaControl and HemaConnect, blood centers can substantially ease the costly and laborious process of fulfilling rare unit orders.

Connecting inter-departmental data is essential to ensuring compliance, supporting safe products and procedures, and to meeting the needs of patients. HemaControl and HemaConnect bridge that inter-departmental data gap so information is in one view and, in just a few clicks, blood centers can search their inventory for compatible products, identify products as test candidates, drive recruitment efforts, and instantly connect with compatible donors to request a donation.

From the acknowledgement of a hospital order, blood centers can initiate a rapid scan of current inventory or review recommended units for further testing. They can start the donor recruitment process, as well as begin importing procedures. HemaControl and HemaConnect also drive information to FrontDesk, HemaConnect’s front-end donor center manager, and to the native mobile donor app, making it easier to get instant messaging to compatible donors and alert the collection staff of rare donor needs for that day.

“Connecting multi-departmental data and bringing it into one central view is the only way to ensure effective management of a supply chain,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Blood centers that seek out and adopt integrated products, like HemaControl and HemaConnect, will be the winners in our changing market environment.”

HemaTerra Announces A New Benefit For Our Valued Clients

March 7, 2017
HemaTerra Technologies is pleased to announce a new relationship with IT Synergistics to reduce the cost of operations and redundant data entry for our mutual clients. Organizations using HemaTerra’s integrated products – HemaConnect donor recruitment, HemaControl order entry, planning and inventory management, and HemaComply product QC and equipment management – who also use IT Synergistics’ LifeTec Elite / DoVac Elite systems will now have even greater efficiencies in their operations.

“Partnering with HemaTerra to create a communication platform between our LifeTec Elite / DoVac Elite systems and HemaTerra’s HemaConnect, HemaControl and HemaComply applications gives our customers a time-saving advantage,” said Tim Bryant, Managing Director of IT Synergistics.

“Any time we can automate processes, reduce workarounds, and eliminate lags in data we help our partners lower costs in recruitment, order entry, inventory management and lab services,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Our collaborations help maximize resources using systems already in place – it’s a win for our clients and the industry.”

About IT Synergistics – IT Synergistics (ITSy) is a customer driven, 510(k) approved blood establishment computer system (BECS). Based upon an ongoing review of member blood centers’ strategic plans and initiatives, ITSy’s customers identify, prioritize, and recommend strategic additions to ITSy’s overall portfolio. IT Synergistics is committed to meeting blood centers’ software needs.

HemaTerra Helps Blood Centers Implement Pathogen Reduction with HemaComply

January 16, 2017
HemaComply–QC, a complete Quality Management System, helps blood centers to implement pathogen reduction technology (PRT) into their platelet production process. HemaComply’s pathogen reduction features simplify the process of verifying that products meet the pre-illumination guard band criteria, visually displays the post-illumination eligible container types (Single Volume, Large Volume and Dual Storage), as well providing volume loss calculations in the event that a guard band is not met.

Pathogen reduction is just one feature of HemaComply–QC, a system already recognized for its ability to build, track and monitor Quality Control Plans in real time. HemaComply–QC supports all Statistical Process Control and non-SPC methodologies for product quality control. It also supports platelet qualification, cryo pools, pooled platelets, and others.

The functions of HemaComply’s pathogen reduction feature support current technologies that prepare pathogen-reduced products for transfusion. All data is in real time to speed guard band analysis and quickly identify small volume, large volume and dual storage sets. “New and emerging pathogens challenge the blood collection industry and threaten the health of patients who receive transfusion-transmitted infections,” said Simon Dawson, chief operating officer of HemaTerra Technologies. “Pathogen reduction functions of HemaComply–QC align with organizational processes and greatly reduce the associated paperwork in order to accelerate product throughput."

HemaComply–QC helps ensure that quality is controlled by organizational process and that procedures are executed successfully. “This system is a reflection of our partners’ valuable insight, which ultimately guided our design and integration with the latest molecular technology,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Helping our partners resolve challenges with integrated software solutions is an investment we are proud to make, and continue making, regardless of industry fluctuations.”

HemaTerra Year in Review

December 19, 2016
HemaTerra Technologies is pleased to share highlights of a year made successful with industry partners, terrific clients, and innovative products. In 2016, many blood centers, plasma collectors and hospitals from across the country and around the world were welcomed to the HemaTerra family. They selected HemaTerra’s products to help them streamline their operations within a collections center, laboratory, hospital services, and medical center, as well as across a blood center alliance or affiliation.

“It’s an exciting time in our industry,” said Todd Collins, president & CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “The changing landscape rewards those that are quick, nimble and open to change and guidance. This holds true for blood and plasma collectors as well as providers, like HemaTerra. Whether our partners lead us into new markets or help perfect our product features… it is exciting to be on the journey with them.”

This year was HemaTerra’s best in terms of product implementations – products that help manage donor recruitment, blood product orders, inventory, quality control, and equipment maintenance. HemaTerra has answered the industry’s call for products that are easy to implement, simple to use, and built specifically for our industry. Here are just a few of the year’s highlights:

  • HemaComply – Equipment Manager launched this past October and has received accolades for its intuitive design and broad capabilities. This system addresses the specific needs of blood and plasma centers, and other healthcare facilities.
  • The FrontDesk module was added to HemaConnect and brings critical data where the organization needs it… into the hands of center managers and collections staff. Daily schedule management, conversion candidates, right-type mix and mobile app push notifications are just a few of the features requested by our partners.
  • New releases across all products included: HemaControl 1.4 (blood product order and inventory management), HemaConnect 1.7 (donor recruitment CRM), HemaComply – QC 1.3 (quality control management). All releases assisted our industry in addressing needs such as pathogen reduction, right-type mix, rare donor management and Zika.
“Our achievements have been driven by the guidance we received from our clients – sized small, medium and large – and our own willingness to invest in products that help our clients shift as nimbly as the forces around them,” continued Collins. “I am very grateful for the partnerships that have contributed to our successes and look forward to an exciting 2017.”

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Selects HemaTerra’s Blood Order Management System

November 2, 2016
The HemaControl blood order management system was selected by and is now supporting Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and its more than 170 hospitals and healthcare institutions in 26 Texas counties. The Blood Center is one of the many top blood supply organizations that have chosen the HemaControl blood order management system for its intuitive design, streamlined workflow and full integration with inventory management, product QC and recruitment. Integration of key blood center operational areas is essential for complete supply chain management and controlling costs. The Blood Center has branded the system to its users as “Customer Connect,” emphasizing the accessibility of information.

HemaControl’s blood order management system forms a critical link between blood centers and their hospital partners, as well as other healthcare facilities, to ensure comprehensive oversight of all blood orders and real-time status along any point from order entry to delivery confirmation. The outcomes along every point in the process can prompt correlating activity updates and adjustments to inventory, product QC and recruitment, when integrated with other HemaTerra products. Similarly, an influx in hospital demand or a rare specialty order will be paired against inventory and/or initiate an appropriate response in recruitment.

Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies said, “To have a recognized industry leader like Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center adopt the HemaControl system, and especially the blood order management module above all others, is a great compliment to both HemaTerra and the industry partners who collaborated in its direction. The fullness of HemaControl and its integration with our other operational systems reinforce collaborated workflow, complete supply chain management and lower operational costs.”

The HemaControl blood order management system works in conjunction with the larger blood center ecosystem. HemaControl assembles important information – hospital needs, operations planning, inventory, recruitment, product manufacturing and quality control – to close “gaps” that can form in operations. Like other HemaTerra products, HemaControl’s blood order management system is easy to implement, extremely reliable and very affordable.

HemaTerra Launches Industry-First Integrated Equipment Manager

October 13, 2016
We are pleased to announce the launch of HemaComply – Equipment Manager, an equipment maintenance, quality control (QC) tracking and calibration scheduling system. Built for blood centers, hospitals and other medical environments, HemaComply – Equipment Manager oversees the scheduling, review and documentation of preventive maintenance and daily QC tasks, as well as calibration schedules, to ensure equipment compliance and support safe products and services.

Blood centers, hospitals and all complex medical facilities have high volumes of lab and medical equipment, which create and require a massive number of maintenance tasks and calibration schedules for validation. When handled manually or in a stand-alone system, equipment management is burdensome and subject to compliance issues. In an automated and integrated system, time spent managing daily QC, preventive maintenance and calibration activities is decreased and compliance risk is reduced. HemaComply – Equipment Manager controls all equipment management activities to ensure that critical equipment is never out of specification, out-of-service equipment is promptly attended to, and compliance is maintained.

HemaComply – Equipment Manager is the only equipment maintenance system on the market today to offer integration with recruitment, order entry, inventory management and product QC, which gives managers valuable foresight and the ability to navigate issues significantly impacting their operations. Most importantly, this critical link means equipment removed from service will no longer impede the entire supply chain.

Like other HemaTerra products, HemaComply – Equipment Manager was designed by a Development Partner team of six blood centers: Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, San Diego Blood Bank, The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas, LifeShare Blood Centers, Coastal Bend Blood Center, and MEDIC Regional Blood Center. All are in various stages of implementation or active use of this new product. Also like other HemaTerra products, HemaComply – Equipment Manager is easy to implement, extremely reliable and very affordable.

Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies said, “Our partners discussed their challenges with other equipment management systems and believe those challenges were amplified by using software that is antiquated in both design and direction. Also, that the software does not integrate with existing systems in the blood center’s ecosystem. What makes our product unique is that we are investing the time and resources to fully integrate this product with their usage of HemaConnect, HemaControl and HemaComply. In other words, a piece of equipment taken out of service prompts an appropriate reaction within their donor recruitment, order entry, inventory management and QC areas.”

HemaTerra Announces FrontDesk

August 19, 2016
HemaTerra is proud to announce FrontDesk, an innovative module that empowers center managers to take charge of their numbers and meet organizational goals. FrontDesk is expertly bundled with the top-ranking HemaConnect donor recruitment CRM. HemaConnect’s FrontDesk brings donor center information and online resources together to give managers power over their metrics and the ability to respond nimbly to change. In just a few screens, managers can see important activity – mobile app usage, upcoming campaigns, donor recruitment activity, etc. – and use it to make intelligent management decisions.

HemaConnect’s FrontDesk is equipped with features that will benefit blood and plasma collection, such as right-type mix, conversion management and prospect marketing. Center managers will be able to view their numbers against those of their peers and against the goals of the organization on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Widgets display relevant data to help center managers quickly spot the areas that are progressing and those in need of attention.

“The timing of FrontDesk is perfect and can help offset the challenges faced by blood and plasma collectors that are seeking growth opportunities,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Our customers express their needs and together, we develop a plan for building out features. As the industry further refines itself to collecting the right product at the right time and cost, the significance of FrontDesk becomes clearer because it puts resources into the hands of the people in direct contact with donors. We see FrontDesk as one in a series of new modules that keep pace with the changing needs of blood and plasma centers and reinforce the already powerful suite of HemaTerra products.”

HemaTerra to partner with ProGuide and BCA in support of 2016 BOOTS Program

January 4, 2016
HemaTerra Technologies is supporting ProGuide in the sixth annual Blood Operations Optimization Training Sessions (BOOTS). The BOOTS series offers focused training for blood center executives to improve operational performance, optimize cost structure, and more effectively manage resources in a fluctuating market. Blood Centers of America (BCA) will once again also sponsor the 2016 BOOTS program.

BOOTS has attracted hundreds of executives who rely on its training for effectively navigating the ongoing changes in our industry. “We are thrilled to support ProGuide in offering such a time-critical program,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies.“ The opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and learn from the outcomes of the BOOTS workshops will help drive the expansion of software products, such as HemaConnect (donor recruitment CRM) and HemaControl (inventory management system), to intelligently meet blood center needs. Software will help blood centers to efficiently implement the business practices needed to control costs and maximize resources.”.

The unique BOOTS program includes a series of four HemaTerra workshops and six BCA/Red Belt LEAN training sessions. All are designed to engage participants in hard-hitting challenges, such as reducing cost pressures, handling market shifts, maximizing return on assets, and optimizing operations. Each of the four blood centers selected by HemaTerra as deep-dive workshop locations will determine the topic for the workshop they are hosting. Blood centers interested in hosting a workshop should contact Kathleen Taormina at HemaTerra Technologies ( or Nina Salamon at BCA (

BOOTS is hands-on learning and offers techniques that can be implemented in any operation. It is must-have training for any executive involved in the management of blood center operations.

HemaTerra’s inventory management system selected by New Zealand Blood Service

December 7, 2015
HemaTerra Technologies was selected by New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) for its HemaControl inventory management system. HemaControl is an enterprise system that assembles collections and operations planning, real-time inventory, hospital ordering and recruitment data to close any “gaps” in operations, reduce cost, and maximize resources. HemaControl provides granular information, such as ABO blood type, product, device and location, and publishes that information to an integrated CRM for demand-based recruitment. The sprawling views of HemaControl are available on any computer or mobile device.

“Centralization of blood management processes is a major focus for NZBS,” said Trilby van Bree, National Manager Logistics of New Zealand Blood Service. “Our four main hub sites are each responsible for handling the needs of their respective regions – and collectively the entire country – HemaControl will let them share information and see their needs relative to that of the entire blood service. All of which has a significant impact on our ability to control costs and respond efficiently to changes in demand. HemaControl will help us pinpoint our exact needs, while conserving our costs to produce them. We look forward to a very productive relationship with the HemaTerra team and appreciate their innovations with this system".

HemaControl’s planning tools provide demand and production planning views in any timeframe, making it easy to look back, peer forward, or focus on the day and intelligently make adjustments to meet the needs of the day, or the anticipated needs in the coming weeks. HemaControl gives blood centers complete control over their operations by forming a critical connection to hospital partners through online hospital ordering, and integrating with HemaConnect (donor recruitment CRM), so products are available when they are needed. Important decisions are made in a timely fashion because the information needed to drive them is readily available.

“We appreciate the confidence New Zealand Blood Service has placed with us,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “It is symbolic of the industry’s readiness — both domestic and abroad — for a system that aligns resources and controls costs, from donor recruitment through product distribution. HemaControl was created in collaboration with some of the most visionary industry leaders around the world, and we look forward to enhancing our product further through collaborations with NZBS and by adding features to address their unique needs.”

Versiti™ Selects HemaTerra Technologies

June 8, 2015
HemaTerra Technologies has been selected by Versiti, an affiliation of four blood centers, for the unique features of HemaConnect, HemaMobile and the VoIP dialer. HemaConnect, the industry’s preferred donor recruitment CRM, processed nearly 40 million products and 16 million donations last year. HemaConnect is the only integrated system to provide vital recruitment data for true supply chain and inventory management, when combined with HemaControl. Also unique is its robust VoIP dialer and smartphone-friendly applications, available with HemaMobile.

“We look forward to the collaboration and streamlined resource allocation this enterprise system will provide,” said Todd Abner, vice president of recruitment at Versiti. “HemaConnect fully supports our commitment to provide high-quality service at a reduced cost. It enables us to quickly adjust to meet the changing needs of our healthcare system partners and communities, and helps us to fulfill our mission of advancing patient care. The intelligence of this system is in the features, which from our account, puts it on an innovation level of its own.”

The enterprise features of HemaConnect enable Versiti affiliates to see the recruitment and supply chain needs of the entire network, or those of a specific center, region, division, event, blood type or product. The four Versiti affiliates are BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Heartland Blood Centers, Aurora, Ill., Indiana Blood Center and Michigan Blood. With HemaConnect, recruitment activities can easily increase and decrease, or move to different collection locations, based on hospital product demand. The unique features of HemaConnect helped solidify its preference among recruitment professionals, sending 50 million emails and using 11 million cloud call minutes in 2014.

Implementation of the enterprise CRM was completed last month with the BloodCenter of Wisconsin and will begin later this summer for Michigan Blood. Heartland Blood Centers and Indiana Blood Center have each used HemaConnect for more than two years.

“To have a group of respected industry leaders – visionaries – select HemaTerra as their partner for increased supply chain management is an exciting acknowledgement for us,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “The economic trend propelling blood centers to form strategic alliances calls for an innovative system that enables alliance members to peer across their entire supply chain. HemaTerra’s system is being selected for that reason, as well as for the responsive service we provide.”

HemaControl inventory network goes live for ACTS members

January 20, 2014
HemaTerra Technologies has implemented the second stage of HemaControl Enterprise Edition. An industry breakthrough in inventory management, HemaControl assembles real-time data from any area – blood center, network, alliance or GPO – and closes all “gaps” to reduce costs and maximize resources. HemaControl also spans across an entire network of blood centers to retrieve that same information, by state or region. HemaControl provides granular information, such as ABO blood type, product, device, and location, to an integrated CRM for alignment with demand-based recruitment.

The Alliance for Community Transfusion Services (ACTS) has completed HemaControl’s second stage of installation, which enables each blood center within the Alliance to view their own inventory, or that of the entire network. HemaControl is fully integrated with HemaConnect (donor recruitment CRM) to enable blood centers to perform demand-based recruitment by ABO blood type, product, device and location. The ACTS implementation of HemaControl will continue with implementations of demand planning, logistics and transportation, as well as deeper integration with demand-based recruitment.

“Sharing information and aligning resources will have significant impact on our ability to control costs and respond efficiently to changes in demand,” said Michelle Stefan, Carter BloodCare Vice President of Corporate & Community Resources. “The Alliance adopted HemaControl as a standard because it is exactly what we need to meet the changing world of healthcare and blood utilization. Our move toward just-in-time inventory needs this system to get by the challenges of blood and hospital market changes. HemaControl gives us greater control over all operations involved in inventory management and donor recruitment… which today is critical for sustaining both large and small blood centers.”

HemaControl assembles inventory information from blood centers and hospitals, then pairs it with demand plans, and pushes it to other integrated areas. Changes in inventory and demand simultaneously direct changes in recruitment. Without instant access to all elements – blood center and hospital inventory; hospital orders and order changes; demand planning; and donor recruitment, communication, and scheduling integration – gaps form to make inventory management impossible.

“The timing of HemaControl responds well to the industry shift toward just-in-time inventory,” said Todd Collins, HemaTerra Technologies President & CEO. “It is becoming increasingly important to look across your blood center, network, alliance or GPO, to get the product you need at the right price. To partner with respected blood centers in delivering what will one day be looked upon as a historic technology innovation, is very gratifying. Being able to get such detailed information with a single click of a button – from any blood center, a network, an alliance or a GPO – is truly the benchmark of future advancements. We are proud to have contributed to this triumphant first.”

ACTS adopts HemaControl as inventory management standard

August 26, 2013
HemaTerra Technologies announced the first single-standard adoption of HemaControl Enterprise Edition, the only real-time inventory management system. Following a unanimous vote, the nine-member Alliance for Community Transfusion Services (ACTS) will become the world model for large-scale resource alignment, which will improve service, operational efficiency and cost control.

HemaControl Enterprise Edition aligns multiple blood centers for real-time inventory management and provides demand-planning tools that integrate other systems, such as demand-based donor recruitment. Whether used in a single blood center, region, or across an entire network similar to ACTS, blood centers will have the ability to look at their individual inventory and demand needs, as well as that of their member network as a whole. Sharing data by blood center, enterprise, ABO, product type, or distribution location gives decision makers the information they need to maximize resources and contain costs.

“HemaControl is the integrated solution that our industry has been yearning for,” said Michelle Stefan, Carter BloodCare Vice President of Corporate Services. “Healthcare changes and economic challenges make it more important than ever to gain efficiencies in operations and workflow. Enterprise planning and resource allocation are critical for sustaining both large and small blood centers. Technology that automates processes and aligns people creates the stable footing that blood centers need to face the changes to come. HemaTerra has embraced the needs of blood centers in this system and the ACTS group looks forward to advancing the industry with our adopted standard.”

HemaControl is the only solution to combine information needed for real-time inventory management, with online hospital ordering and solid demand planning tools. This permission-based system publishes current and forecasted inventory data that drives all integrated areas, such as donor recruitment, donor communications, appointment schedules, as well as logistics/transportation management. This one system benefits blood centers by integrating all blood product levels – including hospital blood bank inventory. In short, HemaControl empowers blood centers with significant operational control and enterprise planning.

“Inventory management is an ambiguous term and has never before included the essential elements for real-time inventory,” said Todd Collins, HemaTerra Technologies President & CEO. “Without instant access to all of the elements — blood center and hospital inventory; hospital orders and order changes; demand planning; and donor recruitment, communication, and scheduling integration — blind spots and gaps form to make real-time inventory impossible. HemaControl enables blood centers to view real-time inventory and demand, and then peer across their member network to evaluate all resources before making any plan adjustments.”

HemaTerra takes confusion and concern out of Quality Control plans

April 29, 2013
HemaTerra Technologies announced the implementation of HemaComply, a web-based Quality Control (QC) management system. HemaComply takes the confusion and concern out of managing QC plans by following configured processes and providing a single location for information. From beginning to end, each step in the QC process is recorded, acknowledged and completed before becoming part of the QC plan history.

“The timing could not be better for HemaComply,” said Marian Garrard, COO Blood Services for The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas. “QC plan management and resources will certainly benefit from having automated processes and centralized information. This is the first system I’ve seen that will enable us to configure workflow into our footprint, and for each facet of our QC plan. No part of the process is left to chance, and our team remains on task with the help of notifications and alerts that are part of this system.”

HemaComply’s simple point-and-click interface helps blood centers easily achieve consistent product sampling and qualification, as well as successful execution of their QC plan. HemaComply assembles the information for blood centers — from every location and device — and then organizes it into navigable categories. This one central system enables blood centers to input, monitor and retrieve information, as well as make changes to their QC plan, based on timely reports.

“This system is a true workhorse and does a great job of aggregating data and QC plan performance,” said HemaTerra President and CEO Todd Collins. “HemaComply does away with cumbersome spreadsheets and assembling various data files to create QC audit reports. The information you need (and rely on) is literally at your fingertips at any time, and from any computer or smartphone.”

HemaTerra collaborated with key industry organizations that share the challenge of maintaining a consistent and effective QC plan. Their insight clarified a very complex process, and HemaTerra appreciates the support received from the following blood centers:

  • The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas, Austin, Texas;
  • Carter BloodCare, Bedford, Texas;
  • Coastal Bend Blood Center, Corpus Christi, Texas;
  • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Houston, Texas; and
  • LifeShare Blood Centers, Shreveport, La.
With development previously announced in January 2013, HemaComply is implementing in two blood centers and is planned for several more.

First all-inclusive inventory management system used by Carter BloodCare

October 22, 2012
HemaTerra Technologies announced that Carter BloodCare has purchased and will pilot the first implementation of HemaControl. HemaControl is the only comprehensive inventory management system in the blood industry that combines data from demand forecasting, collections planning, product quarantines and outdates to get real-time inventory management that significantly reduces errors and limits outdates.

Carter BloodCare is the primary provider of blood components and serves more than 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities in 58 counties of North, Central and East Texas. It is the largest blood center in Texas, providing more than 440,000 units of blood components each year. “The reputation and high standards of Carter BloodCare made for an easy choice in selecting HemaControl’s first implementation site,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Carter BloodCare’s use of this broad system, coupled with the results that will be realized by automating manual processes, will be invaluable in reducing product outdates and improving blood utilization.”

“We are excited to be part of this pivotal innovation to the industry,” commented Dr. Merlyn H. Sayers, President and CEO of Carter BloodCare. “The vision and potential of HemaControl could literally change the way that we work and is certain to impact our ongoing efforts to improve inventory management and lower product costs.”

Previewed at this year’s AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO in Boston, HemaControl quickly became the topic of interest and discussion among blood center executives. “Product demonstrations and enthusiastic feedback continued the entire time we were in Boston,” continued Collins. “HemaControl is a user-friendly “open system” that is entirely configurable to specific blood center needs. It integrates with any operational system and enables blood centers to build multiple demand forecasting and collections planning scenarios to predict product inventory needs.”

A free (and optional) Online Hospital Ordering module is available with HemaControl, which allows a blood center’s hospitals to order blood products via the Internet. HemaControl tracks that order through the entire fulfillment process within the blood center’s operation. Changes made to any hospital order are automatically reflected within HemaControl, which instantly updates forecasted inventory. HemaControl combines the data necessary for accurate inventory management. It does so through automated processes that combine demand forecasts with collection planning, and includes product quarantines and outdates information. With its first implementation in the next 60 days, HemaControl will dramatically simplify the challenging task of inventory management and reduce the cost of blood products by limiting errors and outdates.