HemaTerra’s professional team is committed to providing the best service to our clients – from planning to implementation, training to “go live”… and beyond. Our Client Services team, and the consistently high level of service they provide, is a distinguishing mark for HemaTerra. Our team takes pride in being reachable and available to provide the attention clients deserve.

Our services take the form of on-site and remote training, conference calls, detailed technical manuals, step-by-step resource guides, and easy-to-follow setup and reference documents. We make it easy to create a campaign, establish a short-term demand plan, setup a QC Plan, and design a preventative maintenance schedule for any asset, and so on.

HemaTerra also holds users conferences that focus on a particular system or combination of systems to make certain our clients get the most from our software, learn best practices, and gain insight on industry trends. It is an opportunity for our clients to provide input on their software needs and how HemaTerra can best implement them in new features or future system releases.

Kansas City Is Second Location To Go Live On New York Blood Center’s CRM Enterprise

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, announces New York Blood Center is live on the HemaConnect enterprise solution at both its New York and Kansas City locations...

HemaComply–Lab Software Supports 7-Day Platelets

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, supports organizations with tools to manage the process required for extending platelets to 7 days and detecting bacterial...