Donor Recruitment CRM / Donor Engagement

HemaConnect is the industry’s top donor recruitment CRM because it provides the information and resources that ensure a successful donor recruitment program. Whether you are utilizing right-type mix or using HemaConnect for campaigns, telerecruitment, donor experiences, mobile drives, or to help account representatives, it is a system that handles the task. More importantly, it is a system users like to use.

HemaConnect addresses every aspect of recruitment operations with features and functions that make the recruitment process easier, faster and smarter. It includes fully integrated Donor and Coordinator portals, multiple scheduling systems, health stats, surveys, and reward programs. HemaConnect offers an integrated dialer and multiple communication channels to help drive the success of recruitment efforts. Whatever the needs of your recruitment strategy, HemaConnect has the resources to handle them.

HemaConnect provides resources that empower recruitment staff to collect only the products that are needed at the time they are needed. Helpful views of mobile app usage, campaign schedules, donor experience reports, conversion opportunities, and prospect marketing are also valuable resources.

All HemaTerra systems integrate for a complete supply chain management and offer access on any device.

  • Data from hospital order entry, demand planning, current inventory, product quality control, equipment maintenance, and donor recruitment is brought into view for complete supply chain management.
  • Changes in one department can impact the needs of other departments.
  • Smartphone-friendly and native mobile apps provide access to critical information from any location or on any device.

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