Hospital Order Entry & Inventory Management / Demand & Production Planning

HemaControl is a comprehensive hospital order entry and real-time inventory management system complete with demand and production planning tools. This system pulls information from all points – inventory, demand plans, hospital ad hoc and standing orders, order returns, and recruitment activities at mobile drives and donor centers.

HemaControl presents the status of demand vs. inventory, order priority, and changes in hospital need. It can relate that information to HemaConnect and transform any gaps into actionable recruitment. HemaControl provides demand planning tools that focus on time, yield, and manufacturing goals, as well as other criteria. It includes a Hospital Portal, making it easy to place hospital orders online, check order status, update returns, and make adjustments to inventory. HemaControl has global views and also dives deep into the granular details, such as products by ABO, compatibility, location, and more. In short, HemaControl is a running account of what’s on hand, where it’s at, and what is needed.

All HemaTerra systems integrate for a complete supply chain management and offer access on any device.

  • Data from hospital order entry, demand planning, current inventory, product quality control, equipment maintenance, and donor recruitment is brought into view for complete supply chain management.
  • Changes in one department can impact the needs of other departments.
  • Smartphone-friendly and native mobile apps provide access to critical information from any location or on any device.

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